You Need To Know About Tucson Ac Repair Today

let it sit all right now you can actually see that this one right here is dropping fairly rapidly that probably means that there’s a leak somewhere in the system knowing that I need to put a receiver dryer on this anyway I just wanted to see if like a hole pressure it’s quite possible my repair is junk so I’ll probably get that low-pressure line in addition.

To a receiver dryer and then I’m going to go through the same process again so I still have a leak somewhere and eventually I’m going to have to find out where that leak is so this is what I’m going to do I’m going to use refrigerant dye this is something that’s commonly done to find leaks I’m going to go through the process of what you do whenever you’re putting.

This into the system and then I’m going to recharge it just enough to get the system to work and to get this dye circulated throughout that way even even after I replace the hose if there are other leaks in the system I should be able to find them then I’ve got the dye in the system okay so here are the materials that I have I’ve got my manifold gauge set I’ve got a high and a low pressure hookup but the center one is the one that I hooked up to my vacuum it’s also what you use to charge.

Things up with so what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a little bit of this AC dye and I’m going to put it in this hose here before I hook it up to my refrigerant this is like commercially available stuff that you can find you’re going to need a lot of times it will come with like a little gauge attachment so that you can attach it to the top of the container itself before.