Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Movers

we’re adults now we Los Angeles Movers do what we want and your buddy huh what could be we’re going teat it so yeah I just wanted to thank you guys so much for coming on this adventure with us for watching these videos and there’s going to be a lot more to come this will be my first moving.

clog I’ll be blogging tomorrow and my parents fly in and stuff but that will be in the next video so thank you guys so much for watching thumbs up if you enjoyed sums if you’re excited for what is to come and I’ll see you all in year or two ago where I talked about how I moved to LA with no plan and how toucan afford to live in LA so one of the most common comments that I got was canyon.

Tell me where your first apartment was because I only paid it was like or so instead of just telling you guys on camera I wanted to actually take you to my first apartment I ever live din so this is where I live we ran through that gate so I feel like we really get stopped so I’m just going to show you guys around really quick they painted it this used to look orange I’ll show you guys pics of the athlete yeah so this is my present okay so if you look.

see it’s in a safe neighborhood it’s clean typical like California but Live I lived up there someone so therein no elevator so I just had to take these stairs which is so weird they came that it was super quiet at the pool Didn’t really go in stand then when you go this way the only thing about parking in California you have to get a covered spot I’ll show you guys my car later but I feel like the leather my car got fucked up because it’s always sunny but they didn’t have covered parking here so I’ll show you guys my actual first I’m really surprised we didn’t get kicked out yet this is where I always threw my trash because they didn’t have a trash but-like look how big this parking lot is Had one.